NAILS n LASHES is the first of its kind in Mumbai (India) especially established for Nails and Lashes Care.

We are also providing at home (HOME) services. Where we attend to your Nail Art ,Nail Extention and Eye Lashes Extention needs. There is high demand for Nails and Lashes Parlours/Salons in Mumbai , but all off them are non mobile making us an exclusive NAILS n LASHES at home services.

This only means our Client (That's you) will be in their comfort zone.

No more going to Beauty Parlour/Salons , waiting in long queue , paying for parking charges , petrol , (in some cases)have some unwanted extra expenditure due to your shopping impulse! No more getting stuck in traffic, no more having to get dressed to impress.

You can be at your own home sitting back... watching tv... looking after your kids or family in the comfort of your own space... Let our team work "MAGIC ON YOU"!!!

"We also cater to Theme Nail Art, Nail Extention and Eye Lashes Extention for Co-operate Events, Birthday Parties, College Gatherings, Wedding Ceremony , Festivals etc."


Our Plans

Nail Extention


  • Nail Extention with Tips - 2500/-
  • Nail Extention with Form - 3000/-
  • French Nail Extention with Tips - 2500/-
  • French Nail Extention with Form - 3000/-
  • Acrylic Nail Extention without Tips & Form - 3500/-
  • Nail Extention Remover - 1000/-
  • Refilling - 1000/-

Gel Nail Paint


  • Gel Paint on Natural Nails - 500/-
  • Gel Paint on Extention Nails - 500/-

Nail Art


  • 3D Acrylic Flower - 350/-(Each)
  • Bridal Nail Art - 400/-
  • Glitter Nail Art - 300/-
  • Diamond Nail Art - 400/-
  • Pearl Nail Art - 250/-
  • 2D Acrylic Paint Nail Art - 250/-
  • Festival Nail Art - 300/-

Kids Nail Art


  • Kids Nail Art - 200/-
  • Sticker Nail Art - 200/-